Want an exact 
step-by-step email & SMS blueprint 
built for your business to supercharge your 
 profits in <30 days?
Not everyone qualifies for this golden goose blueprint. But if you meet the criteria below, we’ll create a custom blueprint for your business that will 3-5x your email & SMS revenue. A blueprint that will turn your email & SMS program into a profit-printing machine.

This blueprint may be the best business decision you’ll make in 2022.
🚨 Truly Beauty Achieves 22,322% Email Revenue Increase in 12 months!
🚨 Quiet Punch Scores a Knockout 425% Increase
in Email Attribution in 90 Days!
🚨 CISE Hits 170% Email Revenue Increase in just 4 Months
🚨 Happi Teeth Gets a 135% Email Revenue Boost in 6 Months
Some Of Our Success Stories
Email & SMS should drive 30%+
of your revenue
Tap into the insights from 400+ brands and over US$200m in email & SMS revenue worth of experience. Skip steps and supercharge your success with Chronos.

Our Lifecycle Marketing Strategist will unpack your business, uncover gaps & opportunities, and create a tailored email & SMS marketing blueprint for you, so you can understand what is needed to build an elite email & SMS program.

Our Partners
"They boosted my revenue from email marketing from 5% to 15% (highest was 41%)! Probably the best email marketing team in Asia, I highly recommend and thank their work!"  

- The Bald Shaver
What You’ll Get
  40 minutes Discovery Session
 60 min Strategic Consultation
One-time Investment,
100% satisfaction guaranteed*
 Custom Email & SMS Audit Report by Chronos Agency, a Klaviyo Elite Master Partner (1 of 8 in the world)
Custom Retention Strategy Blueprint: Your Roadmap to an Elite Email & SMS Progam
Done-for-you Master Email Template (to help you kickstart your journey)
Amazon Account Audit with Amazon PPC Expert, Mina Elias of Trivium 
(valued at $1,000) 
ROAS-Guaranteed Creatives Package with Sudiyo.com (terms apply)
*Now, a warning. This isn’t for everyone. There are certain criteria you have to meet in order for us to work with you.
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The Criteria
You have an eCommerce business spending at least $25k a month on ads.
You are willing and open to new ideas that’ll improve your email & SMS marketing.
A one-time upfront fee is required for the creation of your custom blueprint.
​At the end of the blueprint session, you will get an Elite Retention Marketing Blueprint, and clarity around what will drive success for your business.
Following that, one of 3 things will happen
Most likely
You Got It!
You love what you see, and we decide that we’re a great fit, and you become our next success story! (80% of people choose this)
We're Still Considering...
You love what you see, and you decide to execute the plan internally. Awesome! You’re set for success. (20% of people choose this)
We're Sorry... 
You don’t like what you see, you gained no value and you’ve wasted your time. We’ll refund 100% of your investment. (<1% of the time)
Ready to get started? 
Schedule your consult and get your blueprint to profits NOW!
If your business meets our criteria, then you know the importance of sustainability and proven systems to continue to drive growth. So if end up working together, the price you paid for your consult will go towards your first invoice with us.
This really is a no-risk offer.
Best case, you'll end up with a profitable partnership that would become a growth engine for your business. Worse case, you'll walk away with a clear blueprint to automating profits with email & SMS marketing.

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