We Help eCommerce Store Owners Generate More Profits With Less Overwhelmed Using Our Unique Email Framework 

That Has Generated multiple Yearly 8-figures In Trackable Email Revenue For Over 150 eCommerce brands

“On average, our clients generate an additional 20-30% recurring revenue from our DONE-FOR-YOU email strategies with an average ROI of 15x” - Joshua Chin, Founder Of Chronos Agency

Why Work With Chronos Agency

Why Work With Chronos Agency

We understand that Ad cost is rising in the long run. With cost per acquisition of customers getting higher… 

Email marketing is now more important than ever to increase profits 

BUT a lot of ecom owners are leaving money on the table by using copy & paste templates or just apps for their email marketing campaign…

That is the reason why we’ve created the: 

“Chronos Framework” 

STEVE TAN, Founder of eCommerce Elite Mastermind

I've been in the eCommerce space for 14 years and have sold over $100M worth of products. 

Our team is really good at front-end acquisition but when it comes to maximising Customer Lifetime Value, we weren't doing a great job. We have previously underestimated the power of e-mail & SMS marketing. It was never been our focus until I met Josh. 

In three months, he exceeded our expectations and tripled our email revenue for the store. We've never looked back since working with Chronos and their team brought in extra $4 millions in profit for just in 2019 alone. 

Our Unique Framework

Our Unique Framework

Hi, my name is Joshua Chin...

I’m the founder of Chronos Agency and we’ve been helping eCommerce store owners generate more revenue with our customized email strategy & copywriting that is tailored to every brand.

On average, our clients generate an additional 20-30% recurring revenue from our DONE-FOR-YOU email strategies with an average client ROI of 15x

This means more profits with less overwhelm. 

But this is not for everyone

We’re looking to work with eCom store owners with 7-8 figures revenue a year…

After working with over 150 ecom brands,

After Working With Over 150 eCommerce Brands,

We have strict selection criteria when choosing the brands to work with so we can ensure quality results. 

You will need to fill in this simple application by clicking the button below. Our team will review it and get back to you within 72 hours. 

Results Of Some Brands We’ve Worked With

Results Of Some Brands We’ve Worked With


Chief Marketing Officer - Treexor Hi Tech

In comparison to the total revenue, the email has generated at least 500% increase within the first 6 months. When we started with Chronos, they have a vey structured set up, very detailed with A/B testing. We saw result very fast. 


Sommer Ray's Shop

I've been working with Chronos for about a year now. Communication is great and we've done really well on email performance for the both brands I'm working on right now.  Email is a big part of eCommerce stores on how they make money with lifetime value.


eCommerce Entrepreneur

Before we started doing Emails with Chronos, maybe we would average about 5 - 10% of our business revenues per month through our own means. Switching over to Chronos after about three months, we've done easily 12 - 15%. That's been a significant increase for us. 

What You Can Expect Next

Once You've Submitted Your Application:

1. If your application is approved, you will receive an email to schedule a call

2. We will jump on a 20 mins discovery call to determine if we’re a good fit 

3. We’ll discuss how to create your customised email strategy